Why Silver Bracelets Are The Latest Hit For Men This Year

If someone asks you what jewelry the man prefers, feel free to answer that this is a bracelet. And silver bracelets for men are most popular. It is appropriate in a formal business environment, and in everyday manner. And the demand for these strict silver men’s jewelry is growing rapidly. No matter how old a man is, what official status he would not have, it is best to buy a men’s silver bracelet. He will certainly be pleased with such a gift from his beloved woman. The main thing is not to make a wrong choice and get a really worthwhile thing.

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Nuances when choosing a bracelet:

Laconic silver bracelets for men will really be a joy if you take into account certain nuances when choosing and buying them.

The collection of your man: For the tall and stately, the best option would be a silver bracelet with luxurious weaving. On the wrist, it looks quite appropriate. For a larger man fit a solid and massive bracelet.

Types of silver bracelets: There are a very large number of their varieties but among them stand out are especially those that are made of dark metal and if the decoration with large massive links, which have large elements, dark silver that are necessary. If you buy a men’s silver bracelet, just as massive, but of bright shiny silver, it will not catch the eye and will look simple and ordinary, even if it is expensive. But this is the recommended bracelet for travelling, because of its sturdiness and won’t easily come off.

Weave Men lead, as a rule, an active life. And the bracelet on his hand should be durable, and it means that its weaving should be practical, stylish and modern. When choosing, give preference to wide strong links, and it is better if the weaving is double. By the way, it is the most popular bracelet gift for men.

Castle: It requires special strength. It should not open with the most active movement otherwise, quickly lost and if he has a complicated clasp, your man will soon abandon him and will not wear and of course, the size of the bracelet. Before you buy a gift, try to figure out the size of your wrist.

There is one more recommendation that you should take care of in advance. When choosing a gift among silver bracelets for men, make an individual engraving. It can be a memorable date, a name or a picture, all in your imagination. The gift will be truly personal, personalized and unforgettable. Men tend to wear jewelry no less than the fair sex. Popular jewelry is considered men’s silver bracelets, which emphasize the character of the owner and complete the image. Regardless of the model chosen, metal products of this color are combined with casual clothing and look harmonious.

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Popular models

Earlier, a silver bracelet existed only with the watch. At the same time interlacing links did not differ in diversity. It was hard to impress or stand out from the crowd with such a common accessory. Now fashion trends have changed, and the decoration has become independent. At the same time, it is possible to wear men’s jewelry made of silver at the same time as a wrist watch.

The following options are currently relevant:

  • Thin chains with weaving by the type of infinity complemented by a solid plate of the same metal 925 samples. A plus is the availability of space for a memorable engraving. This bracelet will be a suitable option for a present to his son at the age of majority or to a young man as a sign of a memorable event.
  • Models with weaving in one row by type anchor or Bismarck. Instead of several links, some silver figure is woven around. It is decorated with cubic zirconium, turquoise, hematite or sapphires. Modern men on a par with women allow themselves jewelry with stones, which is considered fashionable and stylish.
  • Samples with wide chains of large links are now becoming less popular, although they still look spectacular on the wrist.
  • Silver bracelets with links resembling a chain of a motorcycle, received the original name Harley Davidson. They have different widths and are suitable for both beginners and experienced lovers of fast driving.
  • Religious symbolism is traced in massive and ordinary men’s jewelry from different manufacturers. The inscription “Save and Save”, images of crosses or crucifixes on the links themselves, made in the form of small plates, runes and Celtic symbols are spread. Such products can serve as a talisman. But it is better that the owner be aware of the interpretation of the signs or make a bracelet to order.

Hand jewelry with a round or square cross section and wolf tail, python, scarab and other weaving patterns remain popular in the 2017-2018 seasons.

How to choose a bracelet on hand

In order to pamper these men with a worthy accessory, you can present it as a birthday gift or other a memorable date. However, you should keep in mind that you need to give a bracelet that coordinates his outfit. Read further to know more.

The choice of chains on hand

The color of the product is different. It all depends on the sample. Online stores usually provide a choice of a bracelet made of heavy, first-class. This alloy is also called Sterling Silver or Sterling Silver. The lower the sample, the more yellow the metal will be. He is also influenced by additives from gold or platinum.

The cost of a bracelet directly depends on the quality of raw materials for its manufacture, the complexity of weaving and weight. The price varies from 600 to several thousand rubles per gram. Usually in catalogs for the convenience of customers, the total amount is set taking into account all the features of the product.

Making a male precious metal accessory is also important. When creating bracelets made in Italy and Russia, designers take into account current trends in cinema, sports and various hobbies of representatives of the stronger sex. In catalogs of suppliers such as Sunlight, there are branded models with a clasp in the shape of a boxing glove, two beer steins, a skull, dragon or serpent head rushing towards each other the photo shows the most spectacular options.

Be aware though that if you are giving this kind of bracelet to men who are often engaged in fights, someone may get hurt. What can possibly happen is that the adverse fighter gets squished like squishies. We don’t want that to happen.

Bracelet with stones

Its sapphires and inserts from other minerals influence how much a silver bracelet costs. They are found in a minimum amount on individual links. But among youth ornaments, the popularity of chains with decorative figures, studded with colored stones is growing. It is worth focusing on individual preferences.

The variety of silver bracelets for men is very large, you really need to research if you want to give bracelet as gift to friends. If there is a difficulty in choosing, you can always stay on the chain of medium diameter with a small metal plate for engraving. Depending on the nature of the message, you should order the application of a commemorative inscription on the inside or outside. Modern technology allows you to perform work on the metal within 15 minutes.