The Best Party Theme Ever! Celebrate With a Onesie Pajama Party

One thing we all can agree on is that we need more excuses to wear our onesies to parties. They are awesome, cute, fluffy, and incredibly comfortable. So, why not combine your love of onesies with the ever-popular trend of throwing pajama parties? After all, everybody loves a good pajama party, and with your onesie, you will be the star of the show. You can even brag to your friends by taking pics with your onesies on.


Besides, throwing a onesie party is something that big clubs are doing anyhow. In fact, they are spreading like wildfire. One of the recent parties in the New York City Vulture Arts festival was a pajama party. For the party, the stars of the comedy TV show Playing House came in their pajamas. Those who were participating in the festival had the chance to enjoy their early brunch in their favorite onesies. And don’t think for a second that most people that came didn’t use that opportunity to rock their onesie outfits. Having been interviewed, these people recommended everyone to buy onesies essential for winter.


However, New York is not the only city to call the onesie lovers out for a party. In fact, Philadelphia soon had one of its own. Namely, Kevin Van Jones, the manager of a San Diego hostel, organized a bar crawl in Philly, where all participants had to wear their onesies. Of course, that is not all. Similar events took place around the States. Cities like Denver, Portland, and of course, San Francisco, had their own onesie bar crawls.


And that is not all we can expect from Kevin Van Jones. He says he plans to organize something bigger – a onesie convention where you can hang out with other onesie fans. There will finally be a convention where you can be anything. You can wear any onesie you want, and nobody will judge you, even in the slightest. Not that you should care about the haters.


However, Kevin is not the only person organizing onesie parties. The Living Computers museum in Seattle threw a onesie pajama party. The name of the party was “Cats of the Internet” party. The party was a part of their ongoing process of teaching children about informational technologies. They usually do it through various exhibits that show the kids the latest technology. They teach about 3D printing, hacking, and of course, the culture of the netizens. If you ever get an invitation to one of their parties, make sure you sport your coolest cat onesie there.


Of course, private parties celebrities throw aren’t far behind in popularity. Lauren Alaina, one of the best country singers in the world, had a lot of fun at a party in Nashville. While other stars go out and treat themselves to a expensive perfumes or jewelry, Lauren went with something else entirely. She got herself a goat onesie.


So, in the end, if you love your onesies, don’t worry about sharing your love with the world. In fact, celebrate it. Throw a onesie party and call all of your friends over. And, if they don’t have a onesie of their own, you can lend some of your extra onesies to them. After all, they are a one-size-fits-all type of clothing. Also, you can organize a small family get together and just wear your onesie there. In organizing, it would be better that you bring many toys for kids, bringing squishies to dayouts will distract the kids while adults are having fun.  If you are not that keen on throwing parties yourself, you can go to one of the major events to meet new people that share your passions. However, if you are not the sociable kinds of person, you can still use your onesie while doing fitness routines.

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