Kigurumis Will Make Your Cold Winter Sizzling Hot

How fast happens? Not so long ago, the sun was still there to keep us warm. And now winter is coming. The temperature has fallen sharply since a few days already. The nights are getting cooler. It is high time to switch to cocooning mode through the use of onesies. Onesies come in a variety of designs, from cute onesies to scary nightmarish onesies.

And for that, you need comfortable pajamas, but that is all the same elegant. Go, we forget this time this old pajama size XXL straight out of the closet. For this season, fashion is in Kigurumi. How to choose your first fashionable Kigurumi?

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Kigurumi pajamas: What is it?

Have you ever thought about the comfort that can be provided by a toggle to avoid getting cold during the winter? Well, that’s good. The Kigurumi pajamas can offer you the same comfort, but with a lot of styles. Drawn from the word Kigu meaning “animal costume” in Japanese, the Kigurumi pajama is a kind of adult toss in the form of animals or cartoon characters. Long worn by Japanese teens as streetwear outfit, this ultra fashion costume straight from the land of the rising sun “Japan,” tends to develop in Europe, and particularly in France. It protects the whole body from cold, from head to toe.

Kigurumi pajamas: What characterizes this outfit?

As mentioned above, it’s its shape that makes this type of pajamas unique. All animals, as well as various cartoon characters from the Kigu range, are beautifully represented. There is something for all tastes and styles.

Moreover, its shape perfectly molds the body, which makes it incredibly comfortable to wear. Whether it is merely to spend a good night’s sleep in winter or to make a splash in the costume balls, the effect is guaranteed. In fact, many magazines recommend to have onesies in closets during winter. You will be pleasantly surprised by the variety of models that offers you these pajamas. Also, it comes in all sizes, from kids onesie costume model, to adult onesie model.

Kigurumi pajamas: The different types of models

There are two categories of pajama kigurumi models:

The kigurumi pajamas animal version:

 The Kigurumi animal version pajamas are characterized by its style, color, and shape reminiscent of the body of an animal. Besides the rabbit, the dolphin, the whale. You can also find animal characters from manga, such as Pikachu, panda bear, and many others.

There is actually a DIY kigurumi onesies article by Huffington Post.

The unicorn version kigurumi pajamas:

This is a standard model that is characterized by it’s tail, horn or its often hot color like yellow, orange. This model is perfect for those who do not like the animal version.

Are you dreaming every night of becoming a unicorn to walk on the rainbow of our enchanted planet? Well, we have found exactly what you need. Here are the pajamas that will allow you to change into a beautiful wild unicorn instantly.

Once inside all your worries will disappear, you will find yourself project in a beautiful and magical world. Will you adopt the daily hardships of a unicorn, i.e., eat, drink, and sleep. It’s up to you to see if you’re ready to take the first step.

We will present here the various kigurumiunicorn, but also other animals such as panda, rabbit, lemur, or Pokémon such as Pikachu. We have made a selection of the most sold pajamas of the year so that you can find a second skin not too expensive for your taste.

Note: To make your search easier, we took the initiative to choose the Amazon platform to buy Kigurumi. Indeed Amazon often offers promotional offers but also free delivery, a little more non-negligible. Moreover, the customer report is impeccable, if an article does not suityou. it is returnable in 30 days.

Kigurumi Unicorn Pajama Selection

The brand offers a multitude of disguises in the shape of animals. You will find pandas, giraffes, tigers, leopards, etc. It offers models ranging from 150 to 185 cm. It will then measure you. The material is very nice, and the costume is not stuffy as the fabric is very light.

The brand Blister is currently the brand that will offer you the most choices possible, with these 43 animals you will find your happiness. The costumes are made of velvet, which offers exceptional softness. Moreover, you will quietly keep the winter thanks to the very fluffy material. The brand provides the 4 standard sizes. You will find Kigurumi from 148 to 188 cm.

Unicorn pajamas Lath PIN

Lath pin is currently the brand that makes the best unicorns on the market. The quality of finishes is irreproachable besides the brand will offer you here only unicorns. You will have the choice between 11 different unicorn models to walk the clouds and frolic on the rainbows.

Unicorn Pajama Moolyfox

If you are looking for an animal-shaped disguise, the brand Moolyfox will propose you 31 different evening costumes. You will then be able to put yourself in the shoes of your animal wearing force. The material is very light which offers a good feeling on the skin, plus the ridiculous weight will not bother you in your movements. The brand offers size large and small so for people over 1.90 meters, it will be complicated. The slippers are not delivered, attention purchase and more.

Kigurumi Pikachu

Brands thought about the Pokémon fan by offering you the 15 funny animals and known in cartoons. You can then find Pikachu or Tiger and Eeyore of Winnie the Pooh. You will also be able to transform completely thanks to the slippers in the form of paws of animals proposed by the mark.

Unicorn Pajama Keral

This little light blue unicorn will keep very hot thanks to the 100% Velvet material.Keral also offers 32 other models of disguise other than this unicorn, plus you will also be able to order velvet slippers that are also very hot. The brand provides like all the different four conventional sizes and even a multitude of others. It will be easier to find a shoe with Keral.